"Michelle has been a sought after teacher/choreographer at Broadway Dance Center for over 15 years.  Her passion and dedication to her craft make her one of our most popular faculty members.  Her students are exceptionally loyal, making sure they never miss a class!  She is a true teacher, taking time and energy to mentor her students.  She spends unlimited time working on technique and musicality.  I am grateful she calls BDC her home."
Diane King
Executive Director
Broadway Dance Center

"Ms. Barber always amazed me with her diversity.  Her choreography ranges from classical lyrical, musical theatre, to contemporary jazz.  As a choreographer, she continues to impress me with her great use of space and levels in all her work, providing a complete and balanced performance.  Michelle has the distinct ability to take a ballroom full of 500 students and make them all feel individual attention; while on the other hand, she can bring that intense energy to smaller classroom settings.  I have seen her conduct long rehearsals with large groups and she remains strong, focused and willing to work all the way through."
Frank Hatchett
Master Teacher/Choreographer

"Michelle is one of the only choreographers I know who is versatile and talented enough to produce exellent choreography for any song, mood, or job description."
Pam Chancey
Executive Director
The Pulse On Tour

"Michelle's work ethic and sense of style is impeccable.  She puts her heart into giving you nothing but honest emotions, power and love through her teaching, dancing and choreography.  More impressive, she's confident and comfortable in all of these areas.  She has a magical way of delivering movement, showing you how to deliver hers and making a choregraphic statement."
Shelia Barker
Broadway Dance Center
Marymount Manhattan College

"Working with Ms. Barber was a pure pleasure.  She understood exactly what we needed technically and style-wise, and created and taught two dance numbers quickly and thoroughly.  She was always easy to get in touch with and struck a perfect balance between her own style and the needs of the conference.  All of the dancers loved working with her and executing her choreography.  All of my bosses, the conference managers and the over 500 attendees of the show loved the final product."
Laura Tensink
Managing Editor
Dance Spirit Magazine

"Michelle Barber worked brilliantly with over 150 dancers from 5 different schools spanning acros the tristate area and a guest school from London.  She created and choreographed a superb finale that all the kids enjoyed learning and performing.  Her organization, help and creative skills were invaluable."
Ariadne C. Villarreal
Dancers Responding to AIDS (DRA)

"Michelle Barber put no less than 23 dancers on stage for the climax of her jazz/rock piece "Becoming Me".  Each passionately reached her arms, kicked her leges and flung her body in the throes of a struggle with self identity.  The effect was stunning!"
Kathryn Williams Craft
The Morning Call

"Michelle Barber choreographed for the Broadway Dance Center's youth performance company, Arts In Motion (AIM).  What impressed us most about Michelle was her professionalism with the students and her exceptional choreography which catered to each dancer's technical strength.  Over the years, Michelle has remained a staple of BDC's jazz faculty and we were delighted and honored that she shared her extraordinary talent with AIM."
Allie Beach & Emily Robinson
Children and Teen Prgram at Broadway Dance Center

"Michelle is one of the few teachers who actually teaches a complete class that includes a great warm up, innovative progressions with different and interesting leaps and turns and, of course, a dance combo.  Michelle is well prepared for her classes and makes every student feel welcome and important.  I find her work to be inspiring and rejuvenating."
Gail De Santis Di Domenico
Board of Director Member and Faculty Coordinator
Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey

"Michelle's classes are creative, positive and extremely helpful to both the students and the teachers.  She touches each student personally conveying vital information that they can apply now and in the future.  I always see such great results for months after she has come to my studio.  She has the ability to make the students feel as if they are the most special dancer in the world to her.  We love having her come to the studio!!!"
Mary Ellen Reilly
Dance 10